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Abby's Absolutely Incredible Quotes!Rate This Site
Come read the most incredible quotes known to this earth. Quotes ranging from Shakespheare to some guy named Ben Pollard! Submit your own favorite quotes. We have every decent quote every quoted. There is not a better quotes page on the internet!

Death QuotesRate This Site
Quotations about death, dying, abortion, assassination, funerals, graves, killing, murder, suicide, and other pleasantly morbid topics.

UselessKnowledge.comRate This Site
Trivia, Quotes, Imponderables. Remember the only useless knowledge is that which we do not know. Stop by for the Fact of the Day, Quote of the Day, Imponderables, Useless Search, Trivia Quiz, Random Factoid, Pot Luck Quote, Useless Site Awards and more.
( - The Totally Trivia Search EngineRate This Site
An online index of more than 5,000 quotations, trivia tidbits, tests, and useless facts. If it isn't here - it isn't Trivia.

Aphorisms Galore!Rate This Site
Find witty sayings by author or category, read background info, and contribute your own favorite sayings.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 9th ed.Rate This Site
Searchable, provided in electronic format by Project Bartleby at Columbia University.

Cole's QuotablesRate This Site
A quotations resource that includes a number of large and fairly well-attributed collections of quotes.

Collected Wisdom and LoreRate This Site
Collected Wisdom and Lore in English and German.

Common Genius: Genius QuotationsRate This Site
You have the Common capacity for Genius. Our collection of quotations and links will help you to realize your potential for genius. Quotes on genius, knowledge, wisdom, creativity, challenge, and emotion.

Cool Quotes CollectionRate This Site
A collection of some of the coolest, stupidest and most thoughtful quotes ever being conceived. From Voltaire to restroom-graffiti.

Creative QuotationsRate This Site
A comprehensive quotation site that can be searched/perused in multiple ways; through different thematic concepts (such as quotations addressing the theme of Adoption, Nurturing inter alia); or one can search by keyword for a particular quotation; or by a

Cyber QuotationsRate This Site
This site contains tons of inspirational quotations, stories and products that will motivate and uplift the visitors for the purpose of individual success. It is the one stop to get inspired!

Daily PagesRate This Site
Pages include daily quotes from love poems, daily channeling by LadySkyeFyre, daily personal growth quotations, horoscopes, comics, cartoons, news and more.

>> Double Arrow QuotationsRate This Site
An ever growing database of fun, historical, and important quotations.

Einstein Quotes PageRate This Site
Words of Wisdom from Albert Einstein

Famous InsultsRate This Site
Sarcastic Celebrity Quotes. Insults and derogatory comments by people who weren't afraid to speak their minds.

Famous quotes - Phrases worth consideringRate This Site
About a hundred proverbs and famous quotations, sorted by subject, selected by Gunnar Hjalmarsson.

Famous Quotes and Quotations: Best Sites & LinksRate This Site
A quick reference guide to some of the best quotation sites available.

Famous Quotes from the Famous Bill AustinRate This Site
The Famous Bill Austin's Famous Quotes page and an explanation of why he is famous.

Food for ThoughtRate This Site
Mind expanding quotations on philosophy and religion.

Freeality Online QuotationsRate This Site
Search a wide variety of sites for the exact Phrase or Quotation you seek.

Freedom's NestRate This Site
A database of over 1600 quotes in the spirit of market humanism, from Mark Twain to Ayn Rand. One can search by general subject, specific subject, specified author; or obtain random quotes via the "QuotesNow" section.

Gem Of Proverbs & PoemsRate This Site
Famous Proverbs, Inspirational Quotations, Classic Poems, Visual Poetry, English and Chinese Verse, Beautiful Images With Poems. A Casual, Instructive, Serene Site For Art And Literature.

Generation TerroristsRate This Site
Don't let the name fool you. Very interesting and popular sets of quotations. nicely organized.

Idiom Ideas, Pine Crest School Idiom CollectionRate This Site
An idiom is an accepted phrase having a meaning other than the literal. "Skating on thin ice" and "a blind alley" are two common examples. Idioms are a fun, playful part of language. Add some to the collection, learn the Idiom of the Day.

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