EC Set To Rule On Key B2B Web Portal

Tuesday July 25 by Claudia bourne
The European Commission (EC) is expected shortly to make a key antitrust ruling on a business-to-business (B2B) Internet portal that could have significant ramifications on other B2B portals, both existing and planned. The EC's antitrust division is concerned that such B2B portals act against the interests of free market competition, since new and third-party firms are effectively excluded from what may be construed as a cartel trading. The site in question,, is a joint venture between Honeywell International, i2 Technologies and United Technologies, and acts as sales portal for aircraft spare parts and engines. Since the portal was announced, a number of other aerospace manufacturers, including British Aerospace, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, have outlined plans to create a Global Aerospace and Defence Trading Exchange (GADTE).

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